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I am so excited to start a new series on my blog- Monthly Nourish. Each month I am going to highlight three new foods to try or to incorporate more consciously into your day-to-day. I will discuss the nutritional benefits of each food, while sharing accompanying recipes.

This series stems from the idea that including healthy food into your diet does not have to be daunting, or completely overwhelming. Health is not all-or-nothing, and it is definitely not a destination. You can slowly try new things and experiment with recipes to naturally and gradually change your habits.

I feel this is a lighter and more approachable way to enhance wellbeing, and I hope you enjoy this series!

So, each month check Monthly Nourish and join me in incorporating new foods and trying out some new delicious recipes along the way!


1.   Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have numerous health benefits that range from stabilizing blood sugar levels, decreasing menopausal symptoms, increasing cardiovascular health and improving sleep. These little seeds are a great source of omega 3, as well as magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, tryptophan and more.Add raw, unshelled pumpkin seeds into your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or simply enjoy them on their own.

Recipe: Try this nourishing porridge from The Glow Within.

2.   Cranberries

This potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory fruit is perfect for the new month ahead! Cranberries have been shown to lower the risk of urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancers. This deliciously tart fruit is high in vitamin C, manganese and fibre, making it ideal for improving immunity, digestion and liver function.

The cranberries season start on Labour Day and only up until the end of October, so get these fresh while you can! Add them to yogurt, a fruit salad, make cranberry sauce or eat them raw.

Recipe: Try this recipe for Skillet Cranberry Roasted Chicken from Half Baked Harvest.

3.   Broccoli

Maybe it wasn’t your favourite vegetable growing up, but this cruciferous green doesn’t get its healthy reputation from just anywhere. Broccoli is a great source of non-dairy calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C and so much more. It is known for it’s possible improvements for bone health, skin health and immunity. Broccoli is also a great green for detoxification, and especially for the liver.

Add this vegetable to your meals in its raw form or have it as a snack with some fresh hummus. You can steam or roast broccoli, while also add it to stir-fry, curry, pasta or as a side to a chicken dinner.

Recipe: Try this creamy broccoli soup from Dishing Up The Dirt.


P.S. Thanks to The Glow Within, Dishing Up The Dirt and Half Baked Harvest, for these recipes + photos! All recipes found + saved on Pinterest!

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