Sarah Goldstein

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a Holistic Nutritionist based in my hometown of Toronto. I am continually inspired by food and its ability to promote overall wellness. My goal as a nutritionist is to empower my clients, help them gain confidence in themselves and in their food choices, and provide support as they make a change.


As a young child, I was always curious about food and constantly cooking. By the age of 13, I was hosting dinner parties for my friends and organizing food-based clubs at my school. This natural curiosity continued as I personally learned about and explored different ways of eating, becoming increasingly interested in the importance of food nutritionally, socially and culturally.

These interests persisted as I entered university. I graduated from McGill University with a degree in Anthropology and Psychology. This stream of study allowed me to understand various concepts of health and illness, learn about global health care systems and understand the importance of the mind/body connection. My studies continued at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I attained my designation as Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

Today I run my company Sarah Goldstein Nutrition, which is a multi-faceted nutrition practice. Here I offer 1:1 nutrition counselling and group coaching along with educational workshops and nutrition programs for the community and corporate clients. I also write for my blog Twist&Sprout, run an online shop with digital products, write nutrition articles for other sources and partner with brands to develop recipes. 

My approach to nutrition and general food philosophy is simple, practical and compassionate; I aim to meet my clients where they are at and help them make small changes that feel good for them. I have seen time and time again that small, gentle shifts can make a significant difference, and I provide tangible tools to help you with any transition. I do my best to provide balanced, well-rounded information and pride myself in offering conscious and sound advice that is realistic and doable. I do not advocate for one specific diet, nor do I believe in extreme, fad diets. I strive to create an open, safe space (online or in-person) that is free of judgement and shame, as food can be a sensitive subject for many.

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Thank you for checking out my website and I look forward to hearing from you!
– Sarah