Becky Bonitatibus / 34 / Independent Consultant for Thirty One Gifts, Independent Consultation for Arbonne, Medical Claims Administrator

Words cannot explain how helpful Sarah has been. She has gone above and beyond what I expected.

I spoke with Sarah initially about a few issues; bloating, sleep, lack of energy and in general – better food decisions for myself and my family. Not only am I feeling better physically but also emotionally and mentally since implementing Sarah’s suggestions and recommendations.

Sarah is a phenomenal listener and you could tell that she was really taking it all in and cared about what I was speaking about. She always explained her ideas in a way that I understood.

I am now more educated in regards to my food choices, cooking, and supplements than ever before. Sarah continues to keep in touch and work with me and is available for further questions or suggestions or to “tweak” anything.

She is always open and considerate to my lifestyle as a I work full-time and have a very busy family and lifestyle. She has many appropriate meal ideas and even incorporates my daughters in the meal prep – which I enjoy.

I am forever grateful for Sarah – she is an incredible kind, smart, caring person that is obviously in the field of expertise – holistic nutrition. I cannot wait to continue to learn with Sarah!



Sarah has a gift. She was able to assess my situation, get to the root of it and provide a nutritional plan with great sensitivity, knowledge and insight. Her holistic approach connected the dots, enabling us to address multiple facets for my wellbeing. I am thrilled to say that my condition of autoimmune hypothyroidism was completely reversed by following Sarah’s customized protocol. The recipes and food suggestions respected my background, current food culture, comfort level and taste. I believe Sarah would be helpful to anyone seeking either major or minor help. She has a very flexible and accessible consultation style.



When I consulted with Sarah for a nutritional meal plan that would fit within my budget and time constraints, I was amazed by what she provided me. Her plan was easy and unrestrictive, making it simple to follow without having to worry too much when eating out. As a cook, I am pretty limited in the kitchen, but Sarah’s meal plan gave me plenty of options that didn’t require a ton of ingredients of prep-time. I was really surprised by the results, especially in my energy levels and physical health. Sarah’s plan made me re-think not only my short-term dietary habits but my view on food more generally and the importance of organic and balanced options. I’m still following her main principles today and have never felt better.



My experience with Sarah was great. I had been having a hard time in my life and she agreed to help me. Sarah was a great listener and I truly felt that she cared about helping me out with my health. Sarah gave me great methods I could do to better my health. She even went out of her way to check up on me after her advice to see if I was feeling better. In all I feel very lucky and grateful for everything she has done for me, and I feel better than ever!



I never thought the daily (minor) stomach problems I had could be resolved so quickly with a bit of insight and patience. Sarah helped me to achieve my health goals by making scheduled visits and checking in regularly. She promptly followed up with our sessions and frequently shares recipes and food blogs that may help me out. One important thing Sarah has taught me is the true benefits of drinking significantly greater quantities of water throughout the day. Beyond anything else, Sarah has helped me become more conscientious when it comes to meal choices, cooking, and my health. For that I am grateful, and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in achieving the same!



Sarah has been an amazing and knowledgeable life savior. After being diagnosed with a malfunctioning liver, and after a through assessment, Sarah provided many simple, yet always overlooked suggestions and routines, which by following them, not only I’ve met my goals, but better yet, I feel awesome. Thank you Sarah.



When I first started working with Sarah she was just finishing up her certification as a holistic nutritionist. I could tell immediately she was in the right field as she had the dedication and compassion to be a truly great healer. Sarah has a vast amount of knowledge in the field of nutrition but has the unique ability to deliver information in such a way that makes it seems attainable and not intimidating or overwhelming. Her kind nature puts her clients at ease and makes working with her so wonderful. I quickly gained the confidence in Sarah to refer my personal clients to her when I was not available to see them and had never doubted her ability to handle any type of situation. I highly recommend Sarah as a holistic practitioner.



I came to Sarah after being diagnosed with Alopecia. She was recommended to me by a mutual friend. I had never been to a holistic nutritionist before, but was willing to try anything that may have helped.

When I contacted Sarah she replied to my email immediately, and was very kind. She was able to set up an appointment with me right away. When we met, Sarah spent a couple of hours with me. Firstly, she asked me many detailed questions about my previous and current health, as well as my diet and any other issues. After evaluating my situation, Sarah proceeded to give me advice regarding my diet and changes that may be beneficial. She also recommended some supplements and vitamins that I should be taking in which my body may be lacking.

After our initial meeting Sarah continued contacting me every few weeks to see what kind of progress I was making. I really feel like Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Sarah’s advice has helped me and I am happy to say my hair is starting to grow back. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is trying to deal with any sort of health issue naturally, or anyone who would just like to improve their overall health, and gain knowledge about all the different things we are putting into our bodies. Thank you so much Sarah, working with you has been a truly wonderful experience.