Holistic Nutrition

We are here to answer some commonly asked questions about Holistic Nutrition, the role of a Nutritionist and how we can help you!


A Holistic Nutritionist, is an allied health practitioner trained in nutrition intervention and protocols to help with a variety of symptoms, health conditions and concerns. We take a holistic perspective, meaning that we understand how food and nutrition relates to all aspects of one’s health, and how other factors, such as environmental and emotional factors, influence health and nutrition.

For instance, if you seek help for a digestive ailment- sleep, stress and environmental factors will come into play with both your food choices, and your body’s ability to digest food. We touch upon it all!


Nutrition can be fundamental to help with digestion, energy, blood sugar, weight management, hormonal health, inflammation, skin health, cholesterol, heart health, food sensitivities, prenatal health + more.


Nutritionists combine a fundamental understanding of nutrition, with the latest evidence, and clinical experience to provide targeted information in a simplified way. Our training helps us put the pieces together for you, and not only provide you with the information but with the strategies to implement the information into your specific day-to-day. As a practitioner, we are trained to ask the right questions in order to get a full picture of your health. We will assess your health and nutrition goals along with your lifestyle, schedule, food preferences, relationship to food, barriers and hurdles, to provide you with a customized nutrition plan and tools to succeed.

Nutritionists can provide a basic education along with helpful strategies to implement healthy changes into your day-to-day. A Nutritionist can help you with digestive ailments, inflammatory conditions, diabetes, blood sugar management, cholesterol management, prenatal nutrition, food allergies, family meal planning + general nutrition. The reasons people seek nutrition support vary, but a Nutritionist can help you in many ways, whenever you feel you need help with your diet and overall health.

It is important to note that Nutritionists may work integratively with your family doctor, specialist, Naturopath or other healthcare professional and can be a key member of your health care team.


A nutrition plan may include any of the following based on your preference and need; dietary information, therapeutic and functional foods to include, meal ideas, meal plans, nutritional guidelines to follow for your healthcare concerns, grocery shopping list, strategies and specific tips, supplements and lifestyle recommendations.


Nutritionists can take the basics of nutrition, with the latest evidence and clinical experience to provide education for larger groups. Hiring an experienced Nutritionist to speak or facilitate a program within your workplace can be helpful at providing nutrition education, along with strategies and tools to incorporate healthy living into daily life. Passionate about health and nutrition, a Nutritionist can bring this excitement to your workplace allowing nutrition to be accessible and fun for everyone!


Nutritionist is an all encompassing term, which can be confusing!

Certified Nutritionists (CNP, RHN) and Dietitians (RD) have similar roles in private practice, while the main difference is in the clinical experience and their role within the healthcare system. The CNP And RHN training is geared towards nutritional counselling, working in a private practice, nutrition education and is quite food-focused in its approach. It is a science and evidenced-based program, and focused on the individual within a clinical or educational setting. Dietetians are regulated healthcare professionals with more extensive training geared towards both private practice and clinical work within a hospital setting, research and public health.

The differences between both programs and professions is very well explain in this article from Cara Rosenbloom, RD.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!