Our Approach

Here lies our approach to health. We believe in creating an understanding of balanced nutrition and instilling the habits needed to live a full and enriched life. These 7 principles are key in creating lasting and sustainable differences.

My approach is focusing on abundance, instead of deprivation. No matter what “restrictions” a person may have, there is always an abundance of food to eat and this should be the focus.

This is where the “yum” factor comes into the picture. Food is meant to be enjoyed and embraced. This is something I do not take lightly! The sensory experience is important and healing with food can be extremely enjoyable and fun.

Each person is very individual with different histories and constitutions. This means that not everyone will feel their best eating the same one way. What works for one person, does not work for all. The key is finding the specific way of eating that is best for each individual.

This idea of connection is one, which I promote and instill in my clients. It is important to connect with food, with food sources and most importantly with one another. Eating and cooking are great ways to do this.

I believe in the power of real, whole foods to nourish the body, mind and soul.

I aim to educate with the purpose of empowering my clients to take control of their own health and make their own healthy choices everyday.

The world of nutrition can be very confusing with such conflicting information out there. I know I can really help others navigate the system and simplify things. Healthy eating can be easy to understand and even easier to follow.