Healthy Snacking

Today’s post is all about healthy snacking! Here are some of my personal favourite snack ideas. I will provide tips along with each snack to help you adapt to your taste and personal preferences.  



This is a long time favourite of mine, and something that is difficult for me to get sick of. Hummus contains protein and healthy fat (chickpeas, tahini) and veggies add fibre, vitamins, minerals and water. For a snack, I will have a handful or two of veggies with a few dollops of hummus- around 2 TBSP. Sometimes, I will add crackers, corn chips or olives to make it a more hearty snack.

Tip: Cut up vegetables at the beginning of the week, to have for the week. I often do celery and carrots, and add to a container with water. If you get bored of this snack, try different types of dips. I have a blog post here, but Pinterest is always a good option.


Another simple snack, one that is reminiscent of childhood. But why can’t we enjoy it? Cheese is a good source of protein and contains fat to keep you full, and you can get a good amount of fibre from a healthy cracker. Again, you can buff this plate up with veggies, olives and a dip to make a full on snack plate.

TIP: Make sure crackers are whole grain for better nutrition. I love Ryvita, Mary’s Crackers, Finn Crisps and Kii crackers. As for cheese, I opt for a sheep or goat cheese, as it is often easier to digest.


Popcorn may not be the most filling snack, in that it does not contain protein, but it can be a healthy and satisfying snack when you want to munch. Popcorn is actually quite high in fibre, which can keep you full for longer than a potato chip.  I love popcorn as a study snack, or when I am working after dinner. Of course, it is the best movie snack, too!

Homemade popcorn is your best bet ( I follow this tutorial), but I also buy popcorn from the store and like Neal Brothers, Boom Chicka POP, Buddha Bowl Popcorn, and Skinny POP.


This is the best energy booster for me, and I enjoy it when I am feeling like I need a burst of energy in the afternoon. It is also a good pre-workout snack. I slice up an apple, or banana and slather nut butter on each piece. Sometimes I sprinkle hemp hearts for some more nutrition.

Tip: Keep a jar of nut butter at work, in the fridge. This way you can just bring fresh fruit with you every day.


This is a sweeter snack, and great when you are in need of something sweet. I will have a handful of nuts, with a few pieces of dried fruit like figs, apricots or dates, and a few pieces of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually contains minerals like magnesium and iron, while the nuts provide protein and fat. Dried fruit contains fibre, and more vitamins and mineral, as well as a sugar boost.

Tip: This is a great snack for the office, or to keep in your bag as it is all non-perishable.


Again, this snack does not include protein, so may not keep you full for very long, but it does contain fibre and vegetables! I love chips and salsa, and again it is one of my favourite snacks. You can add a black bean dip and guacamole to this snack to make to more complete, if you like!

My favourite corn chips are Neal Brothers and Que Pasa Chips. As for salsa, I love a fresh salsa from Mad Mexican ( a Toronto company) or the Neals Yard salsa.

I hope you like these ideas for healthy snacks!


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