5 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Work Week

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Today I am focusing on health tips for the work week. I know that many of you find it difficult to stay healthy during the work week. Busy schedules, lack of time and stress can make it difficult to make healthy choices. I commonly hear that lunch is a rush, and that it is easier to pick up something quick on the go, or that the food choices around the office are not the healthiest. I also commonly hear my clients talk about sugary office snacks, and constant exposure to baked goods and desserts that are brought into the office and difficult to resist.

Since we spend the majority of our life at work, the health tips that we establish at work, or throughout the work week, are important. Healthy habits at work can help maintain energy levels throughout the day, decrease stress and increase focus.

Below I outlines some tips to stay healthy during the week!

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Work Week

1. Keep a BIG bottle of water at your desk. Most of us do not drink enough water. A strategy is to keep a big bottle at the desk and either set intervals on your phone to drink, or simply make a rule that you drink 1/2 of the water bottle before lunch, and half after. Having your water be at your desk, can also be a constant reminder to drink when you are thirsty.

2. Bring snacks. Instead of “resisting” the baked goods and sweet treats at the office, bring your own. If you are hungry, or experiencing low blood sugar, combined with potentially feeling stressed and tired, there is no way you can resist a cupcake! I want to say that it is OKAY to enjoy treats and desserts throughout the day. I am talking to those who do not feel good after these treats, but find themselves eating them anyway.

Keep non perishables at work like nuts, dark chocolate or a bar. If you are able to keep snacks in the fridge try for fruit, hummus and sliced vegetables.

3. Prep lunch. Now this is a big one, but finding time on a Sunday ( or whatever day) to prepare your lunches for the week, can be helpful. If you constantly find that you are not bringing lunch, but you want to, this can be a tip for you. Creating jar salads, batch cooking an item for lunch or always cooking extra dinner exclusively for leftovers, are all great options!

4. Keep a list of healthy take-out. I know that many of my clients find they can not bring a homemade lunch to work, however they still want to eat healthy. Creat a list of healthy take-out by your office, or through uber eats/foodora with a typical order planned out so that you can have a healthy lunch easily and without thinking about it too much.

5. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat. Now, this may seem a bit extra but eating in a “relaxed” state is important. Now, I know it may be impossible to relax when we are at work, but that is where the 5 deeps breaths come in. 5 deeps breaths is enough to relax our system. Why do we care to relax before we eat? When we are stressed our digestive system stop working optimally and we may find we experience acid reflux, indigestion or stomach aches. If we are not digesting properly our body uses extra energy to digest food, leaving us more tired after we eat. 5 deep breaths can also bring oxygen to the brain and help us focus more throughout the day. A win/win!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and that you find them helpful!

– Sarah

If you are interested to bring nutrition services into your workplace, please reach out! We offer lunch&learn talks, food demos, nutrition q&a sessions and in-office consultations. 

– Sarah


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