5 Places to Get a Warm Drink | Toronto

On those cold, winter days, our favourite way to warm up is by grabbing a hot drink from one of our go-to cafes. There’s a café on every corner in Toronto, so grabbing a drink isn’t hard, but finding a favourite might take a few stops.

Here are some of my favourite warm drinks to grab in Toronto!

Light Cafe

Think real, rich, ceremonial grade matcha tea- that’s exactly what you’ll taste while you sip on Light Café’s matcha lattes. It’s made with traditional Uji matcha powder, almond milk and sweetener of your choice, you can choose whether you prefer yours iced or hot. Not to mention, the atmosphere in this café is stunning and it’s plant filled wall definitely had be intrigued. If you are in the Baldwin area, I highly recommend checking out their latte and lunch menu!


Jimmy’s Coffee

Then there’s Jimmy’s Coffee. This cozy café all throughout Toronto is beloved for its blissful java and welcoming staff. Although, I tend to go for a warm cup of their coffee each time I enter, I have instantly fallen in love with their chili hot chocolate! It is an absolutely must. It’s prepared with 70% Dominican dark chocolate from Soul (no added sugar) and water mixed together until a syrupy consistency forms, then they mix in whatever milk you wish, and fresh chili syrup. The house made syrup contains hot red chilies, dried ancho chilies and cinnamon. It’s not too sweet, and not to spicy- the perfect balance.


Pilot Coffee Roasters

Sugar, chai spice and everything nice! I was never a chai tea fan, until I started sipping on Pilot Coffee Roasters’ chai latte. It’s made from real spices, milk and sweetener of choice. Since they use the actual loose spices instead of a tea bag or natural flavouring, you really get a taste of each spice coming together. It’s definitely a go-to drink on a cold, winter day.


Kupfert & Kim

I’m sure by now, many of us have tried a turmeric latte, but Kupfert & Kim’s turmeric latte is a serious must. It’s created with just turmeric, nut milk, a little bit of pepper and a lot of froth. I will occasionally ask for some ginger in mine, to make it a little spicy. Sometimes I make my way to Kupfert & Kim just for the turmeric latte because of its authentic flavour. To me, this is exactly what a turmeric latte should taste like: simple, strong, and traditional.


Good Neighbour

Lastly, my favourite place to grab a coffee is from Good Neighbour Coffee. This place is home to the loyal locals in the Junction and its pretty obvious why! The coffee here is organic, fair trade, direct trade, local and freshly roasted, what’s not to love? All proceeds are also shared with over 200 workers in Honduras and Neighbourhood Life. Its impossible not to love a place that carries so much value and makes such quality coffee. If you’re looking for a place to grab a warm drink, and get some work done- I definitely recommend making your way over to Good Neighbour Coffee.


Of course, there are so many more and we are always on the look out for new places to check out! What are some of your favourite warm drinks in the city on a cold day? Let us know in the comments!


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