Ketogenic Meal Plan



This meal plan is for those following a ketogenic diet, under the advisement of a practitioner. I do not recommend trying this diet without speaking to a healthcare professional first. It can be quite restrictive, and the long-term effects are unknown. It can be void of fibre and important foods including vegetables and fruit. This diet can also be high in saturated fat with proportionally lower amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, which may not be the best over overall, long term health.

I made sure to add an abundance of vegetables, fibre-containing foods and foods that contain mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids (aka the ‘healthy fats’!) in this plan.  Enjoy!


*Remember, this meal plan does not replace the information provided to you by a doctor or complementary health practitioner. The meal plans on this website are meant to provide you with inspiration, ideas and are aimed to be a guide. They are not tailored to your individual nutrition requirements, personalized goals or your specific health needs. If you are looking for personalized advice, or a tailored meal plan, please book an appointment, or check out our personalized meal plan option.




These recipes include:

And more!