‘Living Apothecary’ + A Simple Tea Infusion

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Today I invited my friend Kara to the blog, who is the founder of Living Apothecary. Living Apothecary is a small-batch herbal tea company. Kara makes amazing blends, and I fell in love with her teas at first sip! I carry them in my office, and my clients love them, too! Kara is here to talk about her company, and also provided us with a tea infusion. Oh, and at the end of the post I am including a link to our upcoming workshop in Toronto! For now, here is Kara

Let’s start right at the beginning. During my time studying naturopathic medicine, I was introduced to botanical medicine and taught how different botanicals could help ease anxiety, insomnia, and painful periods. Ailments that I had been struggling with for years. Was this finally the answer I had been craving? I had then started experimenting with different botanicals and creating my own herbal tea to target my personal ailments. I liked that these botanicals were gentle enough to be consumed everyday, so it truly became a ritual I leaned into. I started to feel that shift. I started to have consistent restful nightsof sleep, my stress lessened, and my periods weren’t so debilitating month after month.

Through years of experimenting with different botanicals and herbal teas, I was looking for a brand that essentially would take the work off me blending my personal concoctions. When I came up with nothing, I decided to launch Living Apothecary. A brand of herbal tea that is high quality, therapeutic, and really encompasses a self-care lifestyle for us modern women. This was all so important to me. Now, having been in business for a year, it’s been incredible to see and hear stories from women who have experienced improvements, whether that’s with their cycles or their sleep.

The benefits of drinking herbal tea are truly endless. In our herbal tea blends, the botanicals used are chosen based on their therapeutic + nutritive value. They are able to provide nourishing amounts of vitamins and minerals, and provide specific targeted actions that are meant to improve your well-being.

Each and every one of our tea blends have been curated with purpose. No botanical goes unused, and they are prepared to truly target what ails you most.

If you are looking for support with sleep, I’ve created our Snooze Brew that contains valerian and passionflower to ease you into rest, along with oatstraw and lavender to ease your anxiety that may arise as soon as you slow down for bed.  

If you’re looking for digestive support, I’ve created Bye Bloat, which contains ginger, peppermint and fennel to improve digestion following your meals. But, it also contains licorice root and marshmallow root, to help curb any sweet cravings you may have following meals.

Beyond the nourishment each of our tea blends provide, it truly is the ritual that comes with having a healing cup of herbal tea. With our crazy schedules, we tend to mindlessly weave ourselves through each day. Having a cup of herbal tea is a time youre able to check in with yourself, to slow down, to become mindful of the moment.

I’ve provided a quick (yet powerful) recipe for an oatstrawinfusion. I’ve been sipping on these endlessly to help soothe my nervous system during these trying winter months where I feel I need all the support I can get. This infusion is a bit different than steeping my other blends. This infusion contains a lot more botanical and sits for an extended period of time before consuming, preferably up to 4 hours.


+ 1 large mason jar + lid

+ 1 ounce oatstraw

+ hot water

Scoop 1 ounce of oatstraw into your mason jar (depending on where you buy your botanicals, you may be able to buy it already weighed out for you). Boil your water, once it comes to a boil, let stand for a couple minutes. We want the water to be hot, but not boiling when we add to your oatstraw. Pour the hot water over the oatstraw, being sure to saturate the botanical completely and filling your mason jar. Cover and let sit. Let this infusion sit for a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 12 hours. I prefer to let this sit overnight. Strain the oatstraw, and consume cold or re-warm. Sip + enjoy throughout your day.

– Kara

Thanks Kara! Kara and I are excited to be hosting a workshop in Toronto. Check out the event here, and let us know if you have any questions!

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