NAME: Stephanie Tartick (@get.your.phyll)

PROFESSION: Accountant/ Nutritionist

WHO ARE YOU QUARANTINED WITH DURING THIS TIME? My dog and I moved back in with my parents for a little bit so we could make use of their backyard! 

1-2 SENTENCES TO SUM UP YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW: Slow, introspective, different. Really trying not to fight the slow pace of life right now. Leaning into it and trying to approach everything with love. 

WHAT IS ONE FOOD YOU’VE BEEN LOVING LATELY? Coconut! Coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut aminos, coconut flakes, coconut milk.  You can use it in sweet and savoury preparations, which makes it so versatile. My favourite dish to use it in is shrimp red curry!


1. Organic Sweet Potatoes- they last a really long time and can be baked, roasted, or mashed. They are also high in Vitamin A!

2.  White Basmati Rice- rice is hard to find right now, and for good reason. Its a pretty easily digestible carbohydrate and a little goes a long way.

3. Broccoli- broccoli can also last for a long time in the fridge. A reason I love it so much is because there is barely any waste with broccoli. If you peel and blanch the stems, they are a great addition to any soup or salad! 

HOW AND WHERE ARE YOU FINDING INSPIRATION TO COOK? I find most of my inspiration at the grocery store. I let the fresh, in season, fruits and vegetables guide what I am going to make/ eat. That being said, one of my favourite websites for inspiration is Nom Nom Paleo! 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DISH THAT YOU’VE MADE DURING QUARANTINE? My  favourite dish i’ve made are my Double Chocolate Tahini Marshmallow Cookies! You can find the recipe over on my Instagram @get.your.phyll   

WHAT IS ONE COOKING TIP THAT YOU’VE LEARNED RECENTLY? Its easy to forget about the environment during a pandemic. One of my favourite cooking tips is to save all your vegetable scraps in a bag in the freezer and when its full, use it to make a veggie stock! This helps with limiting food waste and its delish! 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANT FOR TAKE-OUT, IF YOU’VE BEEN ORDERING? Fresh is my go-to during COVID and not during COVID. I am obsessed with the goddess bowl, and literally cant order anything else!  Always get extra Taberu Rayu sauce! 

ANY NEW HOBBIES/FAVOURITE BOOKS/FAVOURITE PODCASTS? I have been reading A Mind Of Your Own by Kelly Brogan. She’s a holistic psychologist who believes that that the best way out of our pain is through it. My favourite podcasts are Ben Greenfield, To Be Magnetic and The Life Stylist Podcast. 

CAN YOU OFFER ONE TOP OF ACTIVITY THAT IS KEEPING YOU GROUNDED AND SANE DURING THIS TIME? My best advice is to keep some sort of routine. If you woke up every day and meditated before COVID, try to wake up and meditate every day during COVID. Keeping some sort of consistency during times like these is extremely important as it makes you feel like your life is somewhat in your control. Another thing I try to do every day, is plant my bare feet on the ground outside for 20 minutes. I find my body and mind completely let go when I do this- and it’s free!