NAME (S): Jake & Danielle Goldberg

PROFESSION (S): Jake is an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Danielle is a Product Manager, currently on maternity leave.

WHO ARE YOU QUARANTINED WITH DURING THIS TIME? It’s the two of us, and our 3 month old baby!

1-2 SENTENCES TO SUM UP YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW: Baby’s room is both his room and Jake’s office, so we do a bit of room charades throughout the day. Make coffee and sit on the porch, go into the baby’s room to work, baby goes for a walk with mom, make lunch, play with the baby, do some cleaning, make dinner, put the baby to sleep, read, and repeat!

WHAT IS ONE FOOD YOU’VE BEEN LOVING LATELY? We are obsessed with homemade hummus. Whenever Jake makes a new batch we snack on it all day every day until it’s done.


  1. Dried chickpeas
  2. Meat
  3. Apples

HOW AND WHERE ARE YOU FINDING INSPIRATION TO COOK? We’ve been watching a lot more episodes of Bon Appetite’s Youtube Channel and getting inspiration from there. Jake’s been trying some recipes from the cookbook “Ottolenghi Simple”, but many times we don’t have all the ingredients we need to make most of the recipes since it’s hard getting some items during this time.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DISH THAT YOU’VE MADE DURING QUARANTINE? BBQ’d Honey Garlic Flank Steak. Jake owns so we get regular deliveries to our home of pasture raised meat and we don’t have to worry about meat items going out of stock at the grocery store. One of his partner farms also sells honey, so we know that we’ll have mostly everything we need to make this.

Jake marinates the flank steak for 24 hours in: ⅓ cup of honey (NIKU Farms) 1 cup of soy sauce 4 cloves of crushed and chopped garlic. Then it goes on our charcoal BBQ until it reaches 140 degrees (we are firm believers in cooking meat with a thermometer, so meat comes out right every time). We slice the meat thinly and then it either goes on salad, mashed potatoes, a sandwich, hummus, or just on its own.

WHAT IS ONE COOKING TIP THAT YOU’VE LEARNED RECENTLY? When baking, your eggs should be at room temperature. Apparently this helps the eggs mix more evenly and the batter rise more evenly!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANT FOR TAKE-OUT, IF YOU’VE BEEN ORDERING? Surprisingly we’ve only ordered in once since socially isolating. It was pizza from Pizza Nova, and interestingly, once we ate it we realized that eating out might be overrated.

ANY NEW HOBBIES/FAVOURITE BOOKS/FAVOURITE PODCASTS? Danielle has gotten into baking desserts (who hasn’t?) and painting. We’re also really into the Gabriel Alon book series by Daniel Silva about an Israeli secret agent. Book series are great because you’ll have a long supply of books you can read next. There are 20 books in this series!

CAN YOU OFFER ONE TIP OR ACTIVITY THAT IS KEEPING YOU GROUNDED AND SANE DURING THIS TIME? Get outside at least once a day even when it’s still so cold outside. For us this means even just enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch at the end of the day.