Name: Eden Philippa

Profession: Goldsmith

Who are you quarantining with during this time? My partner, Adam, and our son aka our dog, Cargo.

1-2 sentences to sum up your life right now: Monopoly Deal

What is one food you’ve been loving lately? Celery

What are 3 non-negotiable grocery items/pantry staples right now? 1.Rice

2.Frozen Blueberries

3. Kombucha – can’t get enough right now!

How and where are you finding inspiration to cook? Any favourite cookbooks/blogs?Inspiration comes and goes. I usually check in with friends to see what they are making and feel inspired by that, or by scrolling through instagram and seeing what the Bon Appetit peeps are cooking.

What is your favourite dish that you’ve made during quarantine? Crispy Tofu + Kimchi Fried Rice

What is one cooking tip that you’ve learned recently? I made blueberry muffins this week and learned that coating berries in a little bit of flour helps them from sinking to the bottom.

What is your favourite restaurant for take-out, if you’ve been ordering? We ordered from Union last week and it was *chefs kiss*. They have a cheesy polenta dish that I’m in love with.

Any new hobbies/favourite books/favourite podcasts? I read Sally Rooney’s Normal People and then right after her other book Conversations with Friends – they were quick reads and I didn’t want either to end!

Can you offer one tip or activity that is keeping you safe/grounded/sane during this time? I’ve been taking a lot of baths and making sure I always have a book on the go. I’ve also been doing Peleton classes over video chat with friends and going on dog walks. Collectively, all these things have helped me feel well-balanced.