Hi friends! Today I am sharing a formula to build-your-own healthy lunch box! Bringing a healthy lunch with you to work or school can help you keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, reduce cravings, maintain energy levels and help you stay focused throughout the afternoon. 

Using a formula is great because you can adapt it to your taste, dietary preferences and include any foods available to you, while making sure that your lunch is filling and nutritious. You can also use this formula to make your lunch ahead of time for the week.


Here is a formula to build-your-own healthy lunch! 

Just a note – if you need or would like to add more starch, you can add a serving of sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa, which I often do :)

Feel free to save the little handout below and use it as a reference when creating your own lunch!

Let’s talk through some of the components of this formula. Vegetables are important as they are a great source of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. They bulk up your meal and keep you full for longer. They can also add a satisfying crunch to your meal! Protein is essential for keeping you full and blood sugar levels stable, while also providing the body with essential amino acids. Healthy fat is important to also keep you full, balance blood sugar and keep you satiated throughout the afternoon. Unsaturated fatty acids, particularly Omega 3 fatty acids found in pumpkin seeds, walnuts and oily fish can be anti-inflammatory and generally great for the body! Overall, this formula includes key nutrients that are good for overall health and when all components are consumed together it creates a balanced meal that can help fuel your afternoon!

Again, you can also use this formula to prep your lunch in advance. Just make sure to keep the dressing in a separate container.

Below is an example of a lunch that I prepared, and shows you how I utilized this formula.


I wanted to show you an example. Here is one lunch I made using this formula!

Base: Shredded cabbage 

Added vegetable: Green onions 

Protein: Chickpeas (+ goat cheese)

Healthy Fat: Pumpkin seeds (+goat cheese) 

Dressing: Olive oil, red wine vinegar + sea salt 


2 parts olive oil + 1 part vinegar + sea salt

2 parts olive oil + 1 part vinegar + 1/2 part mustard + 1/2 part maple syrup + sea salt

3 parts tahini + 1 part lemon + 1/4 part crushed garlic + sea salt

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you find this formula useful!

Happy lunching!!


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