Overnight Oats – 3 Ways

Apple Spice Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great breakfast option for busy mornings. A nutritious choice, they are also easy to prepare the night before and assemble quickly in the morning.

Oats are a great source of soluble fibre, which is helpful at balancing blood sugar levels and great for digestive health. Oats are also a good source b vitamins, which help to manage stress, calm the nervous system and increase energy levels. Topping overnight oats, or oatmeal, with a source of protein and healthy fat is also important for stabilizing blood sugar levels throughout the morning and to maintain a balanced energy. I love topping oatmeal with a combination of nuts and seeds, as you will see below :)



1 Part Oats

2 Parts Coconut Milk * Or any other plant based milk

For reference, a single serving is about 1/4 cup –  1/2 cup raw oats with 1/2-1 cup milk, depending on how hungry you are in the morning.


  1. Add oats and milk in a container. Mix together. Place in the fridge.
  2. In the morning mix together. Add toppings of choice. See below for options!

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Add 1 spoonful of peanut butter + 1 tsp cacao powder + 1 tsp hemp hearts + 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/2 sliced banana + maple syrup to taste.

Apple Spice

Add 1 handful walnuts + 1/4 sliced apple + 1 tsp cinnamon + 1 tsp chia seeds + maple syrup to taste.

Coconut Blueberry

Add handful coconut flakes + handful berries ( fresh or frozen) + 1 tsp hemp hearts + 1 tsp chia seeds + 1/4 tsp vanilla + maple syrup to taste.

Overnight Oats

TIP #1: You can prepare the overnight outs without the toppings a few nights in advance, so that you can have breakfast planned ahead for a good few days!

TIP #2: If you need more protein in the morning, you can add a scoop or 1/2 a scoop of protein powder to milk before you add it to the oats at night. My favourites are Garden of Life, Genuine Health and Sunwarrior plant-based protein powders.

I hope you enjoy these three combinations. Let me know if you try them, or if you have any other favourite combos!

xo SG

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