Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consultations are one-on-one sessions with Sarah, to work on your personal health goals. Whether you want to book a single session, or a package, Sarah works with you at your own pace and in the style that suits you best.

Initial Consultation$195 + HST

Session #1: Intake Session

Sarah provides a thorough assessment and analysis of your health, your health history, understands your goals, priorities and any obstacles that you face.

Session #2: Plan Delivery

An initial personalized plan is provided to you, within a week of the first session.
This plan is explained in-depth and reviewed together. Plans include advice on therapeutic or functional foods, exciting meal suggestions or a meal plan, foods to avoid for your health concerns, safe supplementation, effective herbs and lifestyle suggestions.

Offered in-person or on Skype
Payment options include credit card, cash or cheque at first session

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting are subject to a cancellation fee of $80.00.

Follow-up$100.00 + HST

  • 60-minute session.
  • Continue support + create additional health goals.
  • Discuss personal hurdles, barriers and strategies to overcome them.
  • Offered in-person or on Skype

Offered in-person or on Skype
Payment options include credit card, cash or cheque at session

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting are subject to a cancellation fee of $80.00.

Nutrition Consultation Package$395.00 + HST

The nutrition consultation package works well for anyone looking to work together longer-term, or who want to make smaller changes at once. It is specifically recommended for the following health concerns; Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS, hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and weight loss.

The package includes:

The Initial Consultation
3 additional hours of follow-up sessions.

  • The follow-up sessions can be divided into 60 minute appointments, 30 minute appointments or a combination of the two.
  • Offered in-person or on Skype
  • Payment options include credit card, cash, or cheque, at first session

1:1 Nutrition Intensive Package$1100.00 + HST

The 1:1 Intensive is a month long program, which takes you through a complete nutrition overhaul and provides all of the tools necessary to succeed. Included in this plan are two follow-up appointments to check-in and review any information.
This package is designed for those who feel they are completely lost when it comes to health and nutrition, who feel they have tried every diet out there, who want to dramatically change their habits or who want in-depth care and support each baby-step of the way.
This package was created on the premise that to change a habit or reach a goal, it takes consistent work and effort. Sometimes that accountability factor is everything, and instead of doing little bits over a year, fully committing to one month of change, can set the stage for life!

The package includes:

Week 1: Initial intake session: Sarah learns about you, your health history and your health goals. She sets a roadmap, and reviews how this package will work for you.
Week 2: A complete pantry raid; discussing the benefits of a healthy pantry and an in-depth consultation on how to stock a healthy pantry.
Week 3: Grocery shop; Now we know what we need for a healthy pantry- let’s go and get everything! This next session is a two hour grocery shopping session with a consultation on how to effectively and efficiently grocery shop, time-saving techniques, cost- effective tips, how to navigate the grocery store, what to buy + where, how to read labels + more.
Week 4: Cooking Session: This next session is a healthy cooking session to put into practice everything we learned so far. We are going to discuss particular healthy meals for your health conditions, and learn how to cook some staples.

Follow-up Sessions:

#1: 30 minutes, scheduled 2 weeks after the month is finished
#2: 30 minutes, scheduled 6 weeks after the month is finished


Constant and consistent priority e-mail support, and easily scheduled phone- call conversations. Any question, big or small, you can ask me throughout this time.
Daily or weekly check-in and reminders, based on your goals with Sarah.

* This is a popular option for couples or families. Add on $100.00 to the total cost per each member.

Gift Certificates$195 + HST

Now offering gift certificates for an initial consultation. If you would like to buy a gift certificate for a loved one visit the contact page and select “Gift Certificate” as the subject.

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