We hope everyone enjoyed the first edition of Monthly Nourish! Did anyone try any new recipes?

This month we are highlighting three new foods and providing you with loads of new recipe inspiration!



This leafy cruciferous vegetable is high in vitamins K, C, A and minerals like manganese and copper. This leafy green has extremely high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. There is an abundance of carotenoids and flavonoids found in kale, making it also anti-cancer as it strongly supports the detoxification system. Kale is also great for our cardiovascular system and skin health.

Kale is best enjoyed when it is washed, and massaged thoroughly for a few minutes. Add some apple cider vinegar and oil to the kale, and use it as a base for salads, or add it into your morning smoothie!

Check out our Monthly Nourish board on Pinterest for recipe inspiration, like this kale salad recipe featured above from Goop.


This deep red root vegetable should be an item to every grocery list! Beets are very high in the phytonutrient, betalains, which aids in providing the body with a deep detoxification process. For this reason, beets are great for lowering inflammation and decreases free radicals in the body. Beets are high in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, fibre, iron and especially folate. Beets can help to lower cholesterol, improve eye health, and decrease the growth of tumors in the digestive and reproductive systems.

You can add beets to your salads, soups, or even your smoothies! Steaming beets for under 15 minutes is also a good way to soften them up and still obtain nutrient quality. Add a little bit of honey for a sweet treat!

Check out our Monthly Nourish board on Pinterest for recipe inspiration, like this beet salad from The Modern Proper.


Fresh ginger is absolutely filled with amazing health benefits, making it a reputable super food. It is known for its highly anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in the recovery of: nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, osteoarthritis, poor circulation and so much more. A little bit each day goes a long way for this amazing herb.

If possible, fresh ginger is always better than the spice as it contain more nutrients and provides a greater benefit. Fresh ginger is available all year round, and you will only need the smallest amount to receive an abundant of health benefits. Grate a little bit of the ginger into warm water and add some lemon for a great tea.

Check out our Monthly Nourish board on Pinterest for recipe inspiration, like this veggie burger with ginger from Tending the Table.

We hope you enjoy our November Monthly Nourish and are inspired to include these foods regularly + try some new recipes! Let us know how you are including these three foods this month with the hashtag #monthlynourish.

– Jass + Sarah

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