Energizing Beet Smoothie

Today’s recipe is a seasonally inspired, pre- workout, energizing smoothie. This smoothie contains beets, which not only is a seasonally fall food, but quite a nutritious vegetable that can be beneficial to enjoy before a workout!


The Health Benefit of Beets

Beets are notably high in nitrates, which naturally convert to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide widens blood vessels and affects how efficiently our cells use oxygen. This can be helpful to improve blood flow and oxygen flow, specifically to our muscles, which may improve endurance and performance. Beets are also high in betaine, which is an amino acid that may be helpful a lowering C reactive protein (a marker for inflammation in the body), and may specifically help to improve sports performance. Including beets in your diet can be very helpful, and enjoying them in your smoothie may give you an extra bit of zest during your next run or workout!

Energizing Beet Smoothie


1 small beet

1/2 cup berries of choice

1 cup plant milk, almond milk or coconut milk + more to taste

2 tbsp hemp hearts

1 banana


  1. Add all ingredients together in a blender. Blend and enjoy!

I hope you enjy this smoothie recipe! It is a bit earthy tasting, but when blending it with enough milk I find it to be very enjoyable. Let me know if you try it out, and if you notice a difference in your workouts!



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